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The Enemy Within!

There is a struggle that goes on in a life of every woman. It is constant and waits for each morning to come so it can continue where it left of the night before. This is what I call the INNER VOICE.

We all go through times when we doubt ourselves, when our insecurities and imperfections have the best of us.

It is always that inner voice that tells us that we are not good enough and that our hopes and dreams are far out of our reach and that we don't deserve the love we seek.

As if that was not enough, there are people around us who are like fuel to this enemy within. They will continually point out our weaknesses and failures, pointing out the very things that make us feel undeserving.

The media has also taken center stage, influencing our thoughts and setting impossible standards for us. There are so many opinions and images of what we should or shouldn't be, thoughts we should or shouldn't have. There is so much information that it is so hard to keep up sometimes.

Nevertheless, we can easily avoid outside influence; it can be easy to navigate negative people, we can either avoid or have limited contact with them. We can easily avoid the media at the touch of a button or by just avoiding the magazine stand, but unfortunately, we can't run from ourselves.

I’ve learned that it is not so hard to overcome the world, but the most challenging thing to do in life is overcoming yourselves and taking control of our inner thoughts.

Our inner voice could be the end of us, and it will not stop until we make a conscious decision, on a daily basis to stop it.

It is essential to consider other people’s opinions and make necessary changes when needed. However, most importantly you need to pause and think about your thoughts: "is this what God sees and thinks when He looks at me?

The secret weapon to quite the inner negative voice is to align your thoughts with the word of God.

The first step is knowing God's word and understanding what God’s thoughts regarding your life are. What is God saying about you, what is His opinion of you?

I often wonder why it seems so easy to care about what people and the media think and completely disregard what God feels and says about us?

Could it be because we don't know what God thinks about us? Without actually studying the Word of God it would be tough to know what to base our identity on, and the enemy takes advantage of that.

Remember what the word of God says:

“My people are destroyed because of the lack of knowledge.” Hosea: 4-6

Our mind is like a spiritual battlefield, and our enemy is aggressive. We cannot afford to lose this battle, and our shield is the word of God. We have to make a conscious decision to disregard the negative voice and filter every thought and make it align with what God says about us.

" and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ," 2 Corinthians 10:5 NIV

You are loved, accepted and forgiven by the Almighty God, it is His word and His Spirit that should shape your character and your destiny, not man's opinion and certainly not the negative inner voice.


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