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I was born to be Southerner. Born and raised in South Africa, now living in Tennessee USA, and I fit right in. I moved here to build a life with my now ex-husband. Needless to say that I never planned to have an ex-husband as part of my vocabulary , but then so is marrying someone who was from a different continent, leaving my home country and moving to the USA. 

I thought moving here was traumatic and hard, but divorce has been one of those hard, weird and life changing thigs I've experienced. Nevertheless, it was also one of the bravest decisions I have ever done.

When they say that it takes a village to raise a child for me, nothing can be truer. I am a child of a village who finds so much joy in building community and I believe nothing brings people together more than food and sports.


I don't know anything about sports, but I do know a thing or two about cooking.  I love to cook for my family, but it is much more fun if the village shares that meal, so I love to host. Even though I plan my weekly meals, somehow Chick-Fil-A still finds a way onto our dinner table.

I have been a girlie-girl all my life. I love basically everything pretty. I also find cleaning and organizing therapeutic. I love decorating and re-decorating my life. Online shopping is the best thing that's happened to humankind. The best part is it is so easy to hide the evidence.

I am a binge-watcher of all Design Channels, HGTV, Discovery Plus, Food Network, Bravo, and yes all real crime documentaries...please bring the wine. I love making my home my oasis, peaceful, organized, and functional. Ok! sometimes it is an organized mess, but organized is the keyword.  

I am a mom to two amazing babies, Gabe and Izzy. They are professional posers because their mama will not stop taking pictures.  Seriously, check my Instagram.


Thanks for joining me on this journey. Please reach out to me. I would like to get to know you.


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From the age of 13 years old, I knew I would be a Journalist. I was very wordy and debated to win in class.


My teachers recognized this and told Journalism would be a good path to follow and I did. After working for a major daily newspaper and lifestyle magazine, I enjoyed chasing stories, but only for a while. I found myself so anxious about these negative stories that I wrote and read about.

It was then that I felt God was leading me to writing for a purpose. So 15 years ago I started the Blog about my life, my faith and everything in between. I am not the best person to edit my own work but writing comes naturally to me.  I speak 4 languages, and English is not my first language.


So this blog is always be the work in progress, it is not perfect but I write with love and outmost care



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This blog has been alive for 14 years ( formerly known as " Distinction). I wish I can say that it is easy to stick to this writing.


I have always written from my heart and experiences. But sometimes it is hard to write about your experiences while you are working through them.


Life is always happening, so when life happens I have sometimes failed to pause and do what I know I should be doing - writing. 

What I want for you and any reader that comes to this website is to experience me being authentic about real life struggles and also share my victories along the way.


But to be transparent is hard sometimes, I feel like for most of my life I've always wanted to wait till the victory comes before I can share the struggles.


But as I grow older, I realize there is more power in sharing what you are going through and have others share and witness you evolve and become what and who God created you to be.

I want to be authentic in this blog, even when I am afraid because I know there is power in that. There is power in knowing that you are not alone in what you are experiencing and learning how others navigate through hardships and remain in faith.


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