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Confidently Broken

Someone once told me that too much confidence could be a sign of low self-esteem.

She said" "confidence and beauty must always be accompanied by humbleness, grace and discretion.

At that time, this did not make sense to me. How can I be confident and have low-self-esteem at the same time?

Have you ever met that woman who is so beautiful it’s hard not to watch; when she enters the room everyone turns to look at her? When she is quiet, you swear is a misplaced angel. Everything about her is perfect, her hair, her facial features, her legs and her hips and butt are right where they are supposed to be? I mean she's been doing squats and eating kale.

But then when you get to know her, you realize that she is too much of the attention seeker, and she will do ANYTHING to get it? She is always searching pursuing people to assure her that she is beautiful and she’s got it?

She gets herself into wrong relationships as long as that relationship affirms to herself and everyone that she is beautiful and she can get whatever she wants. And above everything, she likes competition because if she ‘wins’ she feels good about herself – well for a bit.

No one is good enough, at least in her opinion and gossip is on her lips at all times.

This is when you realize that even though she may look perfect, she doesn’t believe that about herself, she will not tell you, but her actions will.

I must admit all women, including myself, love attention. But confident women are happy most when they receive attention and from that one person who matters, it could be your partner, your mother, brother or just a friend.

The difference between one woman and another is that a confident woman will NOT do ANY stupid thing to get attention. She is modest and discreet people are interested in just knowing her.

She might not look anything like Mrs. Universe, but she knows that she is beautiful and she believes the best about herself and that attitude keeps her in her place.

She knows she is smart, she is uniquely beautiful. She might have things she is not comfortable with, but that doesn’t bother her because she knows that if God wanted her to look a certain way, He would have made her that way.

She believes God when He says she is good enough; she believes God when He says she was made in His image and that’s the only assurance she needs.

She will not neglect her outside appearance because it is the temple of God and the eventual reflection of who she is on the inside.

Just like all women, she wants attention but the right kind of attention.

People must be drawn to her because she is easygoing, she is happy with herself, and she is pleasant to be around.

This woman is different because she has the Spirit of God and she walks in the fruit of the Spirit. She is full of light as the bible says it is impossible to light the candle and put it under the table.

This woman is not perfect by any means, but this is a woman whom her inside reflects the outside. She won’t go for just anyone's attention because she already has enough of it from God.

To draw the right kind of attention, you need more of God's attention. You need God's Spirit because good people are usually more drawn to light than darkness.


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